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If Norman Rockwell were a cook, he'd work here.
Welcome to a place you've always known. Or maybe you've dreamed of. Slide into a chair by the window or pull up a stool at the counter – feel right at home. Aromas from the kitchen sweep away modern pretensions and stress — the most difficult decision here is between the Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and the Chicken fried Steak. Share an old-time soda, a chocolate malt or a cowboy coffee shake with friends and family. Enjoy your American meal, just the way it should be.
Open for Lunch/Early Supper Monday-Friday: 11am-4pm.

Watch our segment on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives to get a taste of what we serve here at Blueplate.
The Oregonian calls Blueplate lunch counter and soda fountain "the most inspired lunch spot downtown," & "the perfect spot to handle your mid-afternoon sugar craving". With classics like the chocolate malt and modern twists like the cowboy coffee shake, Blueplate serves more than just old-fashioned sodas – we dish up sweet satisfaction.

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