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The Man

Jeffery Reiter has been cooking professionally since childhood. From suburban pizzerias to the cutthroat kitchens of superstars Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck, Chef Jeff has seen it all. Recently, he has re-discovered a deep respect for the classic American foods that warm our hearts and stir our memories. Instilled with an attention to detail from many years in the gourmet world, Jeff will ensure the quality and authenticity of every dish Blueplate serves. A well-trained focus on technique and quality will always be present in the kitchen. The best version of signature American culinary classics will pay tribute to our common cultural heritage.

American Food

Is there still a place in America where people are the salt of the earth?

... a restaurant that ain't no swanky gravy train for the high rollers?

... a place you can go to get a square meal?

... where the food's still worth its salt?

Imagine Blueplate,
Remember Blueplate if you will.

Blueplate. Making America feel good again - one square meal at a time.